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The users who install the application (mainly) and those who come to the website are people looking for solutions in the world of labeling.

Get boosted!

In this year 2019 we will be reinforcing the advertising. Take profit of our reach and be boosted!

You can take advantage of this and publicize your company, we have thousands of total downloads and thousands of active users, so your company and your products or services will be perceived by people who in some way are related to your sector. We estimate the price of your campaign in cost per thousand impressions, ask us for a quote and we will detail the scope we have.

Total installs at 06-12-2018

Installs per country at 06-12-2018

These are some options:

  • Advertising on the main screen of the app

    Who sees it? All the people who install the app looking for a labeling solution and the daily users (in this screen it will not be available users with high licenses)

    Reserve this place in the app

    Ad in the main menu
  • Put your company logo on the application and remove the Bugallo logo

    The app looks this way yours. Who sees it? All the people who install the app looking for a labeling solution and the daily users.

    Make the app look yours

    Your logo in the app

  • Active users at 06-12-2018
    Reputation at 06-12-2018

  • The appearance of the app changes after selecting a printer of your brand

    Your customers will feel like your company takes care of them and that you are behind and providing tools for Android.

    Increase your customers' perception of support

    Your logo in the app
  • Recommend your printers in the printer selection menu

    Who sees it? Those users who configure their printers after the installation of the app. We can estimate the number. There are also users who still does not has a label printer and we can propose them your company and redirect them to your website.

    Catch those users that needs a label printer

    Redirect to your printers
  • Insert news in the app, the web and the webservice

    The ads can also be shown in the notification bar of the device every time you insert a new feature in your company or carry out an advertising or commercial campaign. The ad can be seen in the website, in the app and for those users of the webservice.

    Insert news in the web/app and webservice

    For users of the website, app and webservice
  • Request to support your printer brand, or improve the quality of yours

    Well, this Editor is wonderfull but everything can be improved. Would you like to improve the quality of the system with your devices so your customers could have also a better tool? We can do this together! The benefits are for us three, Bugallo, your brand and mainly your customers!

    How could cost for your company to develope an application for designing and printing labels in Android? What if you have to order a full application for doing this to a sofware company? What would be the cost? But you can invest in Bugallo so your brand gets supported with quality!

    Make the app better together

    Make the app better together!

  • And many more options!

    Rename the app with the name of your company, advertise your windows labeling software, label factory, sale of labels, ribbon, printheads, technical service ... In any option you choose you can decide if your campaign is global or only in a given country.

    The costs are calculated in CPM (Cost per thousand impressions), as has been said, they are entirely aimed at users in the world of labeling. The minimum contract period is one month
    Make business together

    Reputation at 06-12-2018