Who/What is Bugallo?

Hello ! First of all thank you very much for having arrived here!
Now I'm going to introduce myself :)

My name is Xaquín (Bugallo) and I am from Galicia, an autonomous community of Europe located in Spain.

To explain how I got here and how this project appeared I will tell you everything from the beginning:

Since I was little I liked to open and research electronic devices that I had at home, as well as make programs and levels of games at home to play with my brothers. Later I trained in electronics and also in computer science (and I am continuosly training in computer science as well as learning languages) and for some time I have been working for companies related to the technology sector, and specifically for the labeling sector.

Since about two years I have undertaken my personal project of which this application among others are part. I am mainly dedicated to developing software for companies related to the technological or labeling world, industrial world and technologies in general.

For my developments the languages that I use are mainly Java, VB.Net, SQL in different variants, Php, Javascript ... but any programming language is worthy and useful to be used and with many I had to fiddle.

Personally I love to travel, to read, play music (piano), sports and running in particular ... but even in my spare time I can have fun programming something.

For this I hope you enjoy the Bugallo Label Editor application. If you need to contact me, there is a contact form above.

Thank you very much,